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Award Process

Applications are sent out to school counselors within the Metro Atlanta area in the late fall of each year. Information about the scholarship and deadlines are given, and applicants fill out and send in their applications after the first of the year. The Board then meets and decides on the final applicants to interview. A panel from the Scholarship Board interviews each of the finalists, and a recipient is selected.

Traditionally at least one student is selected for a four-year scholarship. The scholarship provides up to $2,000/semester for eight full semesters ($16,000). Recipients are held accountable for maintaining a satisfactory GPA and for submitting their transcript after each semester.

Application will be uploaded in the fall of each year. The due date is in Feb of the next year.

Submit to:

Due Date:  Thursday, February 01, 2021 

Interviews: Early Spring

Awards Luncheon: Spring

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